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An Unwritten Agreement That Exists between Employee and Employer

When you enter into an employment contract, there’s more to it than just the terms and conditions laid out in the agreement. There exists an unwritten agreement between employee and employer that defines the expectations, responsibilities and obligations that exist between the two parties.

This unwritten agreement is an unspoken understanding that emerges from the interactions and behaviors of the employer and employee towards each other. This agreement forms the basis of a healthy and productive work relationship.

Here are a few aspects of this unwritten agreement that every employer and employee should be aware of:

1. Loyalty

Loyalty is an essential aspect of this agreement. Employers expect their employees to be loyal to the company, show up on time, put in their best efforts and work towards the company`s objectives. In return, employers show loyalty by paying regular salaries, providing benefits, acknowledging hard work and promoting growth within the company.

2. Communication

Communication is key to any successful relationship, including that between an employer and employee. Employers expect regular updates and feedback from their employees, and likewise, employees expect clear communication from their employers regarding company goals, expectations and direction. Open communication helps to eliminate misunderstandings and misconceptions that can negatively affect the relationship.

3. Professionalism

Professionalism is essential in the workplace. Employers expect their employees to act in a professional manner when dealing with customers, clients, and fellow employees. Employees, in turn, expect their employers to provide a professional and safe work environment, and to be respectful and fair in their dealings with employees.

4. Performance and Accountability

Employers expect their employees to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and meet their objectives. In turn, employees expect their employers to hold them accountable and provide constructive feedback when needed. This mutual understanding helps to create a culture of trust, accountability, and excellence.

5. Growth and Development

Both employer and employee expect growth and development within the workplace. Employers provide opportunities for their employees to learn and develop new skills and abilities, while employees expect to grow within the company and advance their careers through promotions, increased responsibility and better compensation.

In conclusion, the unwritten agreement between employee and employer is an essential aspect of any productive work relationship. Understanding and fulfilling these expectations helps to create a culture of mutual respect, trust, and success. As an employee, it`s crucial to be aware of these expectations and work towards meeting them, while employers should strive to create an environment that fosters these values.