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Where Can I Bid on Government Contracts

As a business owner, bidding on government contracts can be a lucrative source of revenue. However, the process of finding and bidding on these contracts can be intimidating. In this article, we’ll go over the various resources you can use to find and bid on government contracts.

1. Federal Business Opportunities (

Federal Business Opportunities, or FBO for short, is the go-to website for finding federal government contracts. FBO is a free website that lists all current and upcoming federal government contracts. You can search for contracts within specific industries or geographic areas.

2. Government Purchase Card Holders (

If you’re looking to sell to the federal government, you’ll want to become familiar with Government Purchase Card Holders. Government Purchase Card Holders are federal employees who are authorized to make purchases on behalf of the government using their government-issued purchase cards. By identifying these individuals in your target agencies, you can approach them directly to pitch your product or service.

3. Small Business Administration (

The Small Business Administration, or SBA, is a federal agency that offers resources and support to small businesses. One of the SBA’s services is to help small businesses identify and bid on government contracts. They offer training, resources, and assistance with the application process.

4. State and Local Government Websites

While federal government contracts are often the most lucrative, don’t overlook state and local government contracts. Each state and local government has its own procurement website that lists current and upcoming contracts. By searching for contracts in your area, you may find less competition and greater opportunities.

5. Government Contracting Officers

Finally, consider reaching out directly to government contracting officers. These are the individuals who are responsible for managing government contracts and selecting vendors. By establishing a relationship with a contracting officer, you can learn about upcoming contracts and position your business to win.

In conclusion, bidding on government contracts can be a profitable source of revenue for businesses. By utilizing the resources listed above, you can find and bid on government contracts with confidence. Remember, the process can be competitive, so be prepared to put in the effort to stand out from the competition and win the contract.